Commercial Traders’ Packages Make Buying A Boardroom Table Easy


Commercial Traders have a range of packages that make buying a meeting table just that much easier. When it comes to choosing a boardroom table for your meeting room, you will probably be a bit flummoxed by the huge range of choices, so Commercial Traders have packages that can help you make your decision.

In particular they have an Ergoplan table and Ozone chair package for a very reasonable price, making this a really good buy. Ergoplan is a best-selling range of functional furniture for everyday use. It supports all aspects of your business with desks for executives and workstations for clerks, storage for files and storage for stationery, tables for cafeterias and tables for meetings.

The Ergoplan package comes with an important note on delivery to multi story buildings. The Ergoplan boardroom table has a one piece top that measures 2400 x 1200, therefore it does note fit in a lot of the elevators in multi story buildings. As it is a well priced table, Commercial Traders’ free shipping only covers delivery to the ground floor. If you have a multi story building then they can arrange a separate carrier at a cost of around $70+GST in Auckland. This can also extend the leadtime. If you also purchase the the Swift chairs then these will arrive separately as they come from a separate warehouse

The Cubit boardroom table and Ozone chair package is another well priced combination. The Cubit Range provides a simple and solid solution for the modern office environment. Flush-welded frames and European colour choices make Cubit a popular option to tranform your office.

A slightly more upmarket, and therefore pricier package is the Euro Boardroom Table 1200 x 3600 (Two Piece Top). The Euro Boardroom Table range is ideal for small or large meetings, making it a great addition to all work environments with these aesthetic looking tables.

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Mark Redshaw
Sales Straordinario at Commercial Traders Office Furniture.


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