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Commercial Traders Provide a Step-By-Step Guide to Moving Office

If you are moving office there can be a lot to think about, so Commercial Traders have prepared a step-by-step guide that covers everything from your IT provisions and administration details, to free resources and tips for space planning. The guide also supplies links to popular cloud apps if you are looking to streamline your business systems, and direct links to government and local body websites for the purposes of changing your address. 

Moving is consistently ranked as one of the most stressful life experiences, as taking all that you own and moving it in a day or two requires a huge amount of planning and stamina. When combined with the loss of income and cost of wages, then the anxiety levels are multiplied. Commercial Traders have made it their mission to create this guide to help other Kiwi businesses streamline their next office relocation and hopefully save themselves a lot of time and money. 

This free guide starts off with recommending you appoint an appropriate staff member as your company’s Move Co-ordinator and, depending on the size of your company, a department co-ordinator as well. Secondly, they advise you create a spread sheet that contains your budget and a breakdown of expected costs. You also need to decide what to do with your current furniture, fittings and fixtures, and if you are going to buy new, Commercial Traders will be glad to help with that!

Next, you need to get removal quotes if you are using a professional moving company, and you should also list all physical and digital marketing materials that will need updating. This includes stationery, company letterhead, websites, brochures, company cars, plus new building signage. They also recommend it may pay to have everything delivered and assembled the day before move day so you can start unpacking straight away. 

They also supply a ‚ÄėSurvival Kit‚Äô (mainly consisting of things to make coffee with!), and a comprehensive tool kit. Although Commercial Traders has been around for a long time, it wasn‚Äôt until 2014 that they moved into their new New Zealand showroom in Onehunga, which gave them the chance to present all their stock in a smart, well-designed office space, and gave rise to the idea for the moving guide.

To download the guide please click here

For more information on office furniture Auckland, office furniture NZ and office chairs, please go to https://commercialtraders.co.nz .

Mark Redshaw
Sales Straordinario at Commercial Traders Office Furniture.


Custom Office Furniture In New Zealand

Need Something A Little Different?

Custom Office Furniture is a significant part of Commercial Traders’ everyday business, working with manufacturers in Auckland that can handle anything from 1 - 100 items or more. While custom furniture sounds expensive, in most cases it can produce savings if you look at the bigger picture.  Alternatively, it can provide you with something unique to your business that can help you stand out from the crowd or increase productivity. 

For example, when you already have an office full of furniture that is no longer available or was custom to start with, then custom furniture can allow you to add extra desks or storage to match. You can save a lot of expense by having a few items custom made, rather than scrapping everything and starting again. Commercial Traders carry all the melteca and bestwood samples in store so it is easy to find something the same or similar. They can work from photos or pop out for a measure up if you are in the Auckland area.

Every business is different and when you combine that with 1000's of different building types, you are bound to come across a situation that requires a custom approach. Commercial Traders have heaps of experience with odd length/height desks, odd length meeting tables, custom height tables for sorting, and custom filing or storage options to increase productivity or reduce workplace injury.

Custom Office Furniture work primarily with laminate board (melteca and bestwood) and steel for table frames etc, offering a huge number of colour and sizing options. They can also provide timber veneer solutions for a more executive look. For partitions and seating they work with all the main fabric suppiers, including Cloth, Textilia and Woven Image, and currently have the core Textilia range in store for viewing. 

For more information on office furniture Auckland, office chairs Auckland and ergonomic office chairs please visit the website at https://commercialtraders.co.nz .

Mark Redshaw
Sales Straordinario at Commercial Traders Office Furniture.


  • Mark Redshaw
Office Design Ideas

Office Design Ideas

Commercial Traders have a fantastic web page where you can get some great ideas for your office furniture, and by going to https://commercialtraders.co.nz/pages/design-ideas you will be provided with visual inspiration on design in your office space. For instance, Commercial Traders’ functional and affordable desks include new designs such as their Balance desk, Agile Fixed Height and Electric desks, their Eko and Ergoplan desks and Cubit and Anvil barleaners. The Balance 1800 4-person desk, comes complete with partitions and four sets of drawers. You will also find many traditional office desks, corner workstations, and height adjustable desks.
Exporting Office Furniture To The Pacific Islands

Exporting Office Furniture To The Pacific Islands

How Does It Work?

1 / Use our website to source the products that you need or get in touch with any custom requirements. We can then provide a quote via e-mail. 

2 / You can visit us in our showroom in Onehunga Auckland, which is a 10 minute drive from Auckland International Airport or we can work with local business contacts or family members.