How Can Custom Office Furniture Help You Business?

Custom Office Furniture is a significant part of our everyday business. We work with manufacturers in Auckland that can handle anything from 1 - 100 items or more. While custom furniture sounds expensive in most cases it can produce savings if you look at the bigger picture.  

Alternatively it can provide you with something unique to your business that can help you stand out from the crowd or increase productivity. Some examples are-

Replication -

When you already have an office full of furniture that is no longer available or was custom to start with, then custom furniture can allow you to add extra desks or storage to match. You can save a lot of expense by having a few items custom made rather than scrapping everything and starting again. We carry all the melteca and bestwood samples in store so it is easy to find something the same or similar. We can work from photos or pop out for a measure up if you are in the Auckland area.

Business Specific Problem To Solve -

Every business is different and when you combine that with 1000's of different building types you are bound to come across a situation that requires a custom approach. We have heaps of experience with-

  • Odd length / height desks 
  • Odd length meeting tables
  • Custom height tables for sorting
  • Custom filing or storage options to increase productivity or reduce workplace injury.

What Materials Do You Work With?

Primarily laminate board (melteca and bestwood) and steel for table frames etc. This offers a huge amount of colour and sizing options.

For partitions and seating we work with all the main fabric suppliers including Cloth, Textilia and Woven Image. We currently have the core Textilia range in store for viewing.

Do you do Kitchens and Wardrobes?

No. We prefer to stay away from these areas even though a lot of manufacturing techniques are similar.