Buyers' Guide for Whiteboards

Buyers' Guide for Whiteboards


We understand that it’s not always feasible to visit our showroom, so we’ve put together a guide with detailed information on all available options, to help you find the whiteboard that best fits your company’s needs.

How often will the Whiteboard be used?

There are two types of whiteboard surface. Porcelain Ceramic and Lacquered Value Whiteboards. There is a decent price difference between the two types of whiteboard, it is important to choose the right one. 

Porcelain Ceramic Whiteboards are the best choice if your board will be used regularly. Ideal for education, commercial, and other medium to high use applications. The non porous surface is easy to clean and won’t stain, scratch or ‘ghost’.


  • Forever surface guarantee
  • Magnetic
  • Premium Option

Lacquered Steel (Acrylic) Value Whiteboards are ideal for general use. Value whiteboards are better suited to low to medium usage.


  • 5 Year guarantee surface
  • Magnetic
  • Affordable Option

How many people will be using the Whiteboard?

As an extension to the question above, if there are alot of different people using the whiteboard and it needs to be fully cleaned after each session, then a Porcelain (Ceramic) Whiteboard would be the better option as it’s surface will require less cleaning and the whiteboard will have less ghosting. 

What size Whiteboard are you considering?

We understand that while there are different standard size options for whiteboards, sometimes the standard sizing doesn’t fit the office space. That’s where the custom made to size whiteboards come in, there are two options available, the Porcelain (Ceramic) Whiteboards and the Frameless Whiteboards.

  • Porcelain (Ceramic) Whiteboards -  can be custom made up to sizes 1200mm high and 3600mm long
  • Frameless Whiteboards, available in either Clarity Porcelain or Projection Porcelain surface - can be custom made up to 1520mm high and is available by the lineal metre in length

How will you attach it to the wall?

Most traditional whiteboards and the ultra thin frame whiteboards have a simple bracket mounting system that will easily work on a gib wall or concrete block wall with the right tools.

Porcelain (Ceramic) Whiteboards, Lacquered Steel (Acrylic) Value Whiteboards and Ultra Thin Frame Whiteboards are attached to the wall with concealed wall fixings, including brackets that screw into the wall.

Frameless Whiteboards are glued to the surface / wall to create a seamless look. Please note: The removal of these Whiteboards off the wall can mean removal of the wallpaper or paint it is adhered to.

How quickly do you need it?

Standard sizes for both Porcelain (Ceramic) whiteboards and Lacquered Steel (acrylic) Value Whiteboards are Rapid Dispatch, which means these items can dispatch within 1-2 working days from time of order.

Custom Whiteboards are made to order and have a production time of 15-20 working days. 

Delivery time of Standard and Custom made Whiteboards, is dependent on your delivery location.

Will the whiteboard be moved around or will it be fixed in one place?

As workspaces become more agile it is increasingly important to have whiteboards that are mobile. 

There are a few different options available for Mobile Whiteboards.

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