Why I Stopped Using My Standing Desk....

Why I Stopped Using My Standing Desk....
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When it comes to the work place it seems that everyone is talking about why they should get a sit stand desk. So as an office furniture business that sells a lot of standing desks it seemed natural that I would use one too. After all, sitting is meant to be the new smoking.
However 6 months after installing one I found myself hardly standing at all. I have an electric model that raises and lowers in seconds so why wouldn’t i use it when I knew the health and well being benefits. I was the smoker looking at the cancerous lung on the pack of cigarettes and ignoring the warning.
So what changed?
As with any issue in life, the first step to change is to acknowledge that you have a problem. “Hello my name is Mark and I’m a sitoholic”. From there I looked at what were the barriers that stopped me from taking 10 seconds to adjust my position. What i found really comes down to 3 things.
  1. When to use it
  2. Remembering to use it
  3. Making it comfortable to use
1 / When to use it.
This is probably the most important thing. When you get something new that has the potential to improve your health then naturally you want to use it as much as you can. “You can’t have too much of a good thing right?”. Well not always.
I found the key is to stand during tasks that have a defined outcome. e.g smashing out  e-mail replies and completing admin tasks. Going further i have planned my day out so that I aim to complete more creative / business develop tasks in the morning when I’m fresher and a seating position is preferred, then moving to admin type tasks around late morning then again in late afternoon. That way you are using the standing desk as a booster when energy and concentration levels can dip.
2 / Remembering to use it
On any given day we get interrupted so often that a large amount of processing power gets used up just staying on top of things. It is so easy to just ‘forget' to use a sit-stand desk. Or alternatively you do remember and it comes at a time that is more suited to creative sitting time.
There are products that solve this like the Stir Kinect which will cost you about $US4900. Trying getting that past management.
Otherwise if you are like me and think that it is a horrendous waste of money then there is an app that can perform the same sort of thing for free. 
Stand Up (http://www.raisedsquare.com/standup/) lets you set a reminder of when  and how long you want to stand for. This simple little reminder can be all that is needed to trigger your memory to get standing.
3 / Making it  comfortable to use -
Most office blocks are made with concrete floors and then are covered with a thin, but durable carpet or tile. Add  dress shoes to the mix and you have a recipe for discomfort. If by chance you get to wear your Nike Free Runs to work then this probably won’t be an issue, but for everyone else we highly recommend trying an anti fatigue mat. These types of mats can reduce a lot of foot and lower limb tiredness if you are trying to take your standing to pro level and can be brought for as little as $75+GST.
So what I have taken away is that like all areas of your life including work, eating and tight rope walking, balance is the key. There is no point strengthening your back by standing all day only to blow out your knees instead. Take your time and work up to longer periods of standing and you’ll never look back.
I hope this helps you make your work day more invigorating and productive. 
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