What Everyone Wants To Know About Glass Writing Boards

What Everyone Wants To Know About Glass Writing Boards

Sleek, modern, sexy. These aren’t words that are normally used to describe whiteboards. That was until glass writing boards arrived on the scene. Now the sales meeting can look like something from the future.

Are the glass boards magnetic…yeah, nah

A lot of customers love the idea that our glass writing boards are magnetic. That way they can keep all the fridge magnets that they collected  while travelling around the world. Well as it turns out it isn’t as simple as that.

The glass boards are not made from some magical material. It is simply a sheet of toughened safety glass with a thin sheet of steel on the back to attract the magnetic. Because the magnet needs to pull through the glass your standard old fridge magnet won’t have the required power and instead you will need neodymium magnets which are generally up to 10 times stronger.

Each board comes with a set of these magnets to get you started and we can tell you where to buy more if you need them.

What sort of pens do you use with these?

A really common question is "now that I’ve brought this sexy, sleek glass writing board, what do I use to write on it?”. The good news is that it doesn’t require anything too exotic. On the white glass boards you can use a standard whiteboard pen, but they do get lost on the black glass boards. 

In both cases if you want something that will really POP, then go for a liquid chalk pen. We now have a complete set of pens, magnets and erasers that you can buy individually or we have created kits for each glass writing board option.

For more details check out our Pens and Accessories here

How Do You Mount them To the Wall?

We stock 2 types of boards that have 2 different types of mounting. One has no visable fixings (Premium Glassboards) and offers better value in the following sizes-

    •    600 x 1200 (Black)
    •    1000 x 1800 (Black
    •    600 x 900 (White)
    •    900 x 1200 (White)
    •    900 x 1500 (White) 

    •    1200 x 1800 (White)     

    •    1200 x 2100 (White)  

The other type as has an edge fixing (Value Glassboards). These offer smaller and larger options over the the above boards with pre drilled holes.

    •    300 x 400  (White)
    •    450 x 600 (White)
    •    1000x  2100 (White)
    •    1000 x 2400 (White)

What Does The Back Of The Glassboards Look Like?

Below are detailed photos of what our premium glass boards look like from behind, since there are no visible fixings.  This includes the rear mounted pen tray (L) as well as the mounting holes on the back (C) and the overall thickness of the board (R)

Can you customise the glass boards in terms of size and colour?

Yes you can but there are a few things that you need to note. 

Customised glass writing boards are not magnetic and they will have a small dome fixing on the front. They are also more expensive, but you do have the option to make it to a size that suits your space and have the option of 20 + colours

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  • Mark Redshaw