Common Questions About Mounting Our Glass Writing Boards

 Since launching our new premium glass boards with no visible fixing, we have had quite a few questions around how you attach them to the wall. So below are a few photos that explain how the mount to give you a better idea.

How does it mount?

This is the back of the board. There are 4 slight raise points like this that hang over 4 wall mounted screws

Back of glass writing board


How do I know where to put the holes? 

Each board comes with a template and shows you where to place the screws for a perfect fit first time.

Glass writing board template


Is the pen tray removable on your Glass Writing Boards?

The pen tray is atatched before you mount the board so if it is not needed they it can be excluded before you mount it to the wall.

Is the pen tray on your glass writing board removable