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Sell Your Office Furniture

    Commercial Traders is excitied to annouce that we have set up a marketplace to allow buyers and seller of used office equipment to connect with each other anywhere in New Zealand


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Why would you move out of a key part of your business? 

    A. Commercial Traders has been selling used office furniture for over 30 years, but we have noticed a shift in the market as new furniture has been become substantially cheaper and workplace health and safety requirements for staff have increased. 

    Because of this we have moved our focus to well priced new options that create an engaging and comfortable workspace.

    The problem, is that there is so much good quality furniture that goes to landfill on a daily basis when there are variety of businesses like start ups, construction site offices and charities that would welcome the opportunity to source these items.


    Q.Why don't we just use Trade Me

    Answer 1- Trade me is focused on short turn around sales which doesn't suit  office products. For this category you need to arrange the sale of your furniture well in advance and then everything needs to moved over a short space of time. Our listings can last for up to a year and you can specifiy a move out date so that everyone knows what day they are working towards

    Q. How much will listings cost?

    A. At this stage all listings will be free. Any future costs will be well below average and designed to encourage, not hinder sales.

    Q. Do i need to set up and account?

    A. Yes you do, but this is a super quick process and we have the facility for you to use your Facebook or Linkedin profile to auto populate details. This will also encourage accountabiliy between buyers and sellers.

    Q. Is freight included

    A. It is up to the buyers and sellers to organise a mutually 

    All prices listed include GST


    Click here to go through to the Asset Excess website


    If you have nay questions then please get in touch