The Benefits Of Built In Power For  Desks And Meeting Tables

As work becomes more mobile the need for easy access to power to charge your devices has never been more important

things to Consider

  • Easy Access
    Having power built in to to furniture in easy to reach places reduces the need to staff to fish around under a desk or create a tripping hazard by running a lead across the floor.
  • Reduce Fire Risk
    Faulty electrics are a common cause of fire. Overloaded multi boards left lying on the floor increase the risk of fire from overheating or by creating sparks. Our units are tested to NZ and AUS standards.
  • If nothing else it is nice to have a tidy solution that complements your decor. Multiple models have the option to fold away to hide connections when not in use.

So What Are the Different Features?

Not everyone is an electrical engineer so lets explain the different terms and acronyms.

Connection Types

There are two types of ways that built in power can connect to mains power. 

Power Point - The unit has a standard power lead that can be easily connected to a standard power source. All rated to NZ/AUS electrical standards.

J Coupler - This allows multiple units to be connected in series reducing the number of power points that are needed. usually 3-4 units can be connected in series and will only require one power lead. 

If you need more then there is a 20amp plug that can be hard wired to the wall which will allow up to 6 units to be connected in series.

Power  Options

Most units focus on easy access to standard 3 pin power ( GPO) and or USB-A and

USB C is suited to iDevices such as phones and tablets and is not capable of charging modern laptops.

Additional options include HDMI and data on units such as the Partner and Tardis

Baskets and Trays

No matter which built in power options you go for there will probably be a need for a basket /  tray to hold to hold power boxes and cabling for permanent electronic equipment.

Prodigy Cable Baskets - Works with the Elsafe power blocks. Clicking firmly into place they create a safe and tidy solution that still has room for other cables and power boxes 

Cable Tray - If you are just looking for a simple option to get power boards off the ground  then a simple tray can go a long way to reducing the clutter and creating a safer working environment.

Popular Power Units For Desks And Meeting Tables 

Silver / BlackWhite
3 Power Points (No Usb)2 Power Points & 2 USB
1 Power and Dual USB Fast Charge
Starter LeadDaisy Chain (J Couple)
4 x Power (J Coupler)2 x Power and HDMI4 x Power (J Coupler)2 x Power 2 x USB (J Coupler)2 x Power 2 x USB (J Coupler)2 x Power 2 x USB 1 x Data and 1 x HDMI JCoupler

Popular Cable Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our customer support at
How do I mount the units in a desk or meeting table?
Prior to ordering it is recommended that you get in touch and we can discuss options. 

If we are making the tops for a desk or table then it is easy to cut a suitable hole in the factory

Flat pack ranges aren't able to have holes drilled by us. The Pixel range will fit in a standard 80mm round cable port hole.

These include

Eko Range
Ergoplan Range
Cubit Range
Anvil Range
Agile Range
Can I connect the units myself?
Mostly yes. The power units are designed to be plug and play. The only option that requires an electrician is if you want to connect more than 3- 4 units (with j coupler) in a series. This will require an electrician to hard wire in a 20 amp plug.
Can I view the different units in store ?
Yes. We have display units in store at 36 Alfred Street, Onehunga, Auckland
Are these in stock?
Mostly yes. Some units are a special order with a leadtime of approximately 2-3 weeks 
Have Questions? Get in touch!
Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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