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Behind The Business is a regular series where we get a chance to chat with our many customers on how they  deal with the everyday challenges of running a business in New Zealand.

This month we are talking to Dr Patrick Fong from New Lynn Chiropractic and what effects the lockdowns have had on his business and how a chronic illness led him to become a chiropractor.

What made you start your own business?  

 Actually, I used to work for another chiropractor in Auckland for over 6 years. It was a great experience because the owner was a very experienced chiropractor as well as a business owner, Something that many people in healthcare lack. When I decided to go out on my own, I had realised it was just the right time to add my own flavour on what I do. 

 What problem were you looking to solve when starting or buying your business?  

 I was wanting to make the chiropractic experience more enjoyable and accessible to the local community. The first thing I did when I opened New Lynn Chiropractic I visited all the local business to ask them what they thought we did and to introduce myself. 

 What is the most common chiropractic issue you see with with office workers What would be your recommendation to avoid this issue or reduce the impact?  

 That's an easy one. Modern day work habits! We are simply asking our bodies to sit and remain sedentary for too long. This is having an immense impact on our spinal health and general wellbeing. Unfortunately we tend to wait till we break before we actually do anything about these problems.  

If you are looking for some basic stretches to minimize the effects of  extended periods of sitting then we have some  helpful stretching exercises on our website - 

 How has lockdown impacted your business?  

 During lockdown we were unable to see patients so obviously that had a large impact. However since allied healthcare is now able to open, we have started to see a return to normal trade. Having spoken to a friend in the UK, after their long lockdown in 2020, they saw a massive uptake in health care services. I can only speculate this might have been because people delay treatment thereby escalating the problem further. 

 How has lockdown changed the way you will operate your business in the future?

 Because of the possibility of infection from either client or staff we are now needing to operate in teams (bubbles) this is to ensure, if and when we have a staff or practice member infected with COVID we are able to at least operate at 50%. Another measure we have chosen to take is voluntary COVID testing to ensure our team is safe to work. 

 Is technology changing your business? ( through competition, distribution, or simply enabling you to offer online services) 

 Chiropractic is a hands on art form and although I might be proven wrong someday for now I think technology can never truely replace the power of the human touch. 

 What was a failure or challenge that set you up for later success?    

20 years ago I developed chronic fatigue syndrome. At that time I was working as a pharmacist. However I couldn't work anymore and everyday was a struggle just to get out of bed. I met a chiropractor soon after that and he changed my life. Had it not been for that terrible illness I would not be where I am today. So out of a very bad thing turned out to be a blessing in the end. Took me a while to see that and I'm grateful today that I am able to help others. 

Who is your business role model (either in industry or in business in general - doesn't have to be someone famous) 

 I actually have to say my parents. My mother and father worked long hours for the family business and working for them while I was at school really set up a good work habits. Although at the time. I didn't feel What is the biggest lesson you took away from them. One of the key things I learnt was never to take things personally, always turn up and the harder you work, the luckier you'll get. 

 What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?  

 Eat well, exercise regularly and stop stressing about the little things. Oh and buy some bit coin! 

 Are Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Born Or Made? 

 Some people are natural entrepreneurs and also great with people but I also believe you can learn those skills.  What is the biggest lesson you have learned about managing people.  The key to it is that you have to accept help from others and acknowledge what you need assistance on in order to grow. 

 What $100 or less purchase has had a great impact on helping you run your business more effectively? Podcast Book Piece of advice Seminar Gadget / accessory 

 My headphones. I don't have as much time to read as I like so I listen to audio books and music now while I'm doing exercise.

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