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Behind The Business - New Lynn Chiropractic

What made you start your own business? Actually, I used to work for another chiropractor in Auckland for over 6 years. It was a great experience because the owner was a very experienced chiropractor as well as a business owner, Something that many people in healthcare lack. When I decided to go out on my own, I had realised it was just the right time to add my own flavour on what I do. What problem were you looking to solve when starting or buying your business? I was wanting to make the chiropractic experience more enjoyable and accessible to the local community. The first thing I did when I opened New Lynn Chiropractic I visited all the local business to ask them what they thought we did and to introduce myself. What is the most common chiropractic issue you see with with office workers What would be your recommendation to avoid this issue or reduce the impact? That's an easy one. Modern day work habits! We are simply asking our bodies to sit and remain sedentary for too long. This is having an immense impact on our spinal health and general wellbeing. Unfortunately we tend to wait till we break before we actually do anything about these problems. If you are looking for some basic stretches to minimize the effects of extended periods of sitting then we have some helpful stretching exercises on our website -
Behind The Business - Mix Media - Moving To A Small Town

Behind The Business - Mix Media - Moving To A Small Town

What made you start your own business? I have been hustling since I was twelve. Designing logos & illustrating for friends and family to begin with. Armed with a degree in fashion and some overseas experience in the UK & India, we chanced upon New Zealand while transiting after a honeymoon in Rarotonga. I took on the first job I could find which happened to be in graphic design with a print company. I fell in love with print & the rest is history, I bought the business and today 15 years on Mixmedia is on a quest to create a clarified landscape for brands to thrive in. It's given us the ability to have creative freedom & the ability to pivot even before pivot was a buzz word. What problem were you looking to solve when starting or buying your business? Long before I even had any aspirations of anything associated with print, I have had a life long obsession with organising & stationery. We identified a gap in the boutique gift retail market particularly in the greeting card category which we attempted to bridge with our launch of a paper goods brand ' The Paperface ' made right here in Aotearoa. At its peak we had a presence in most indie gift retailers from Kerikeri to Invercargill. Since then we have moved to an entirely online model and continued our B2B relationships with preferred retailers while focusing more on branding & graphic design for a select client base around New Zealand.