Office Furniture Finance For Your Co Working Space

Office Furniture Finance For Your Co Working Space

Businesses need flexibility if they are to survive and thrive in the modern world. 

One of the more challenging requirements for accurate prediction can be office space. Your need for office space may change regularly, but most leases don’t work that way. Firms usually have to make a best-guess at the office floor space they will need when they sign a lease agreement. It can be tough determining precisely the right amount of office space to meet your needs, particularly if you work with teams on short-term projects.

Businesses often overestimate their office space requirements to ensure that they don’t run short of space. They then find themselves paying for excess space, but are locked in a lease until the next review date.

Share the Space, Share the Cost

One solution to this problem is for businesses to work together to share office space. If you can share the space with other compatible companies during the times you do not require it yourself, you are making far better use of the area and reducing your lease costs for unused space.

By creating co-working spaces, you are giving yourself flexibility. You have a source of income to help with your lease payments, while at the same time ensuring you have sufficient “overflow spaces” for your workers to use in your busy periods.

It also allows your business the flexibility to use agile practices, without having to resort to signing short-term leases for space located outside your main office area.

Furnishing Your Shared Space

You will need to think carefully about how you furnish a shared co-working office space. Somebody who pays to use the office for a short time will expect a fully-furnished area. Yet everybody’s needs will be different. 

You will want to think carefully about the type of office furniture you buy. Ideally, you will wish to use mobile, flexible furniture that allows users (including your own workers when necessary) to lay the space out as they require. At Commercial Traders we offer many types of modular furniture that you can mix and match according to your needs.

Financing Your Co-Working Space

While sharing your office space may help reduce your net lease outlay for unneeded space, there is still the cost of furnishing it. The total capital cost of equipping an office quickly adds up. As much as you want to save money by renting out space, you won’t be able to until it is furnished. It seems counterproductive that to save money on leasing space, you first need to spend money on furnishing it.

We can provide you with an alternative way to finance your co-working space, however, using an operating lease. An operating lease allows you to obtain what you need to make the space functional, but to then make payments over time, on a per-desk basis. And because a lease is deemed to be an expense for accounting purposes, your payments may be tax deductible.

Commercial Traders Offers FlexiRent

Commercial Traders has partnered with FlexiRent to help you spread your office furniture costs, simplifying the setting up your co-working space. Whether you are merely building a multi-purpose meeting room or outfitting an entire floor of flexible office space, FlexiRent will have a payment plan that caters for your needs.

With FlexiRent you will make a set monthly payment for your office furniture. You pay an agreed amount to lease the furniture each month. You can extend the term and upgrade your furniture when you’re ready.

To find out what your repayments could be click here

Why Use Flexi-Rent to Finance Your Co-Working Spaces?

FlexiRent provides an easy way for you to furnish your co-working spaces without having to make a massive capital investment up-front.

It helps you manage your cash flow. You know what your monthly payments will be so you can budget accordingly.

If you choose to go with an operating lease, your payments will usually be fully tax deductible (but check with your tax advisor first regarding your own situation).

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